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Acting as a conduit for higher inspiration, London-based artist ‘Tunka’ experiences life through immersive and abstract eyes, creating Neo-expressionist work reminiscent of the likes of Basquiat, Marcelo Gandhi and Nathan Pendlebury. Following a highly successful career as a songwriter under his real name Ali Tennant, Tunka devised an original concept in which each work of art he creates is accompanied by a bespoke piece of music. Upon purchase of an original, the buyer receives a part ownership of the accompanying song, allowing dividends to be shared once used commercially.

The artists violent use of colour and impasto create three- dimensionally textured scenes that reflect an allegory of one’s spiritual journey, particularly in his first collection ‘Stigmatics’. Structurally unbound, the lack of negative space is replaced with a fog of polluted colours and graffitied words that deliver an element of street art within the home as-well-as providing a backdrop for the wonderfully outré characters each piece is centred around. Striking and figurative, Tunka's art reveals to each viewer a glimpse of themselves, while also leaving the innate human desire to decipher meaning. His most recent and best collection yet ‘Goldie Mouth’ is a candid commentary on the themes of love, culture and societal conditioning in the modern age. Describing himself as immersive, figurative and abstract, Tunka is one if Londons most exciting new talents that is vital to watch.

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